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Construction Project Management & Eco-Friendly Solution

As the manager of an interdisciplinary team we coordinate the work of all the parties involved.
We act as consultants and a point of contact for the client and ensure that the grounds for decision-making processes and applications are prepared in good time.
We take responsibility for organization, reporting, contract management and quality assurance, and ensure that communication and information processes run smoothly.
We manage and monitor the planners’ obligation to deliver the agreed services with due diligence with regard to meeting the client’s goals in terms of quality, cost and deadlines.

We use eco-friendly materials and sustainable construction practices - from vegetated green roofs to mixed heating systems through thermal energy or solar power panels as well as wind trees and ocean water stream turbines. These innovative options ensure resource effieciency whilst at the same time remaining unharmful to people and environment.


Recherche un nouveau propriétaire au bout du voyage

Nengonengo is a small atoll of the Tuamotu Archipelago in French Polynesia. It is located 53 km southeast of Ravahere, its closest neighbor, and 100 km southwest of Hao Atoll.

Nengonengo Atoll is roughly bell-shaped. It measures 13 km in length with a maximum width of 8 km. It has a wide lagoon with a surface 67 km², but there is no pass to enter it.

Nengonengo has a very small population. It is actually occupied exclusively by the pearl farms. The small private airport on Nengonengo was inaugurated in 1993.